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I started seeing Rebecca for help with my acne and coeliac diagnosis, but I would never have believed her help and advice would help so much more! Along the way we looked at my general health and well being, and discovered that lots of issues that I had classed as normal were actually down to the wrong diet (lack of energy, tiredness, bad skin etc) things I had been struggling with for a while. I never would have thought dietary changes could change so much, as 6 months on all of my difficulties are gone!!


The plan takes commitment & time to see the results but it is so worthwhile to stick with it. It has been a rewarding experience & one I would recommend if you don't want to rely on medication to "cure" your skin issues. The concepts you learn from Rebecca become a way of life for you & your family. Thanks for you support & guidance throughout the programme Rebecca.


Working with Rebecca has changed the way I eat and live, and I couldn't be happier! I have more energy, and have a healthier diet which is sustainable and easy to stick to. I've had a lot of friends comment on how much better my skin is looking!

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